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They look great

Good morning, Sarah,
We received the caps today.  They look great.  I have not had a chance to go through them and check everything, but so far it is good.
Thanks again.


You guys are doing great.

You guys are doing great.  I think there's another order coming very soon!!!! Thank you.



Have a Nice Winter
2013-03-06 00:51:56

In some parts of the country, the rain pours constantly and to go outside is to risk catching a cold. In other parts, it’s snowing so hard that it would be impractical to wander more than a few steps beyond the front porch. Still in other parts, it’s finally cloudy for once. However, all of these types of weather have one thing in common- every person in each of these regions of the country will be in need of a custom cap fitted to their brand of weather, their lifestyle as they choose to live. At, there are fitted hats for every sort of winter, and even custom caps for those who would rather escape the winter and find a unique place to spend these months.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, it’sbeanie hatsweather. That means months of hat hair, frizzy curls fighting to get through the densely knitted fabric that we impose on them, and other troubles. However, it also means the opportunity for self-expression through a type of fitted hats that we will only pull out in this particular season. Thankfully, at, there is a wide selection of every imaginable beanie hat available for selection. The prices are highly competitive, and the customer service is supreme. You can have any kind of hat that you think would help you get through the winter, and perhaps a few extra for all of your family and friends, including a baby hat for the young ones. After all, no one is immune to the cold. Everyone will need some sort of headgear, and there will always be days when even a good hoodie is not enough to keep the chill out. Buy colors that will match with every outfit, like black and navy blue, or buy some bold and loud variations to show off your fun personality. Given the low prices, the choice is up to you. Even if you do not request somecustom caps, there is a wide selection that you can choose from with prices that you can’t find elsewhere. Before it gets too cold for your liking, take advantage of the quick shipping to receive your beanie on time.

While others will be wrapping scarves around their heads, looking miserable and trying their hardest not to get sick in these gloomy days, you will enjoy the winter with the hats of your choice. You and your beanie hats will be allowed to frolic in the sun, the sleet, and the rain. As long as the rest of your body is covered, you’re good to go! You can get hats that will match your every outfit, or you can find a hat that will be inconspicuous. You can even find a baby hat or two for the little ones in your life. The possibilities are endless, and everyone will be warm in this cold season. This will also save you time, as you won’t need to go see a doctor when flu season strikes bad for those who don’t manage to escape the side effects of the chill. You might actually learn to like winter if you don’t like it already!

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