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They look great

Good morning, Sarah,
We received the caps today.  They look great.  I have not had a chance to go through them and check everything, but so far it is good.
Thanks again.


You guys are doing great.

You guys are doing great.  I think there's another order coming very soon!!!! Thank you.



Straw hats for every summer

Straw hats come in different styles and sizes by providing wide range of options for both men and women. Fedora hats, custom hats, gamble hats, Pork pie, Downturn are some of famous styles of the straw hats. These hats are not only fashionable and also provide a great protection to you from heat and sun rays which create these hats an ideal accessory to wear in summer.

Straw hats are probably the most oldest type of hats but still it has able to reach to the fashionable market segment because these hats come with many different and attractive styles which are very much suitable for different social backgrounds and also for the different occasional situations. Straw hats have able to generate trend due to its stylishness and luxury look. Lot of celebrities wears these hats and it's a significant example for its gracefulness. Most demanded type of the straw hat is the fedora hats due to the balance mix of great styles and functionality.

These hats functionally design to protect you from sun rays to maintain its functional value. This hat comes basically with two different ranges which are wide brim and narrow brim. Both types come with different set of styles. Wide brimmed straw hats are always handy to protect your face from the sun rays and it became an ideal accessory especially in the summer season. The straw hats are commonly can be noticed at parks and beaches in hot summer days. Ladies have a big interest to wear these hats on this kind of climate conditions to protect from heat and also help to reduce the skin wrinkles which caused due to the sun rays. These hats provide unique and complete feminine summer look for the ladies. Straw hats not only cover you from sun on odd rainy days you can use it as a cover too. Because straw is waterproof and it provide complete
cover to head and prevent you from the cold.

Fedora hats which is the most famous type of the straw hats comes with strong frame shape because it manufactured by using the firm stiffs. These hats are 100% eco friendly and also enriched with high durability. Fedora hats have become as favorite type of hat among the celebrities due to its classic and stylish fashionable appeal. Straw hats also able to become as leading accessory in fashion shows and fashion magazines due to the prestige look. Hollywood stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp and Huge Jackman are followers of this fashionable hat. Straw hats are also available as custom hats where you can customize the hat and make it according to your own preference by adding different sub accessories to the hat such as ribbons and bows which add more prestige look. Low price range is another beneficial factor for the users. Straw hats always provide classic western look to you but other similar hats to straw hats such as cow boys hats are very expensive but you can purchase these straw hats at 50% less price than those and also available as custom hats which provide more fashionable depth to the customers.

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